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This means "How fast can I get the job done?" The more productive I am in designing my LED layouts, the more money I make on the job. In fact, to take a step backwards, the faster I can get a quality Estimate to my clients, the more jobs I'll get in the first place. Some of our LED supplier partners use LED Wizard to generate dozens of quotes a day. You might not do that kind of volume, but that productivity is there at your fingertips if you need it.

The Fastest Way to a Finished Layout

The tools available in LED Wizard 7 have been designed to take any input file and get to a completed layout as fast as possible. It can handle small letters, medium sized letters, and large letters. It can handle thin strokes, variable width strokes, and thick strokes. It can handle serifs and scripts. It can create layouts that are very dense, very sparse, or outlines for halo lit letters. It can handle sign cabinets of any size and shape.

More Than One Way To Achieve a Task

Since we can visually interpret a letter differently from a computer, there are cases where using some of the PowerFlow semi-automatic layout and editing tools can be the best approach. These tools are not only alternatives to the Auto Populate commands, but also provide numerous time-saving editing capabilities. For most functions, there is more than one way to achieve the desired result, which provides some flexibility to the user. LED Wizard 7 provides the perfect balance between automation and precise control.

A Tool Designed for the Job

LED Wizard 7 has been engineered to have only one primary job: to lay out LED modules. This is not a software program that has been designed to do something else, but is being used to put modules in letters as an afterthought. LED Wizard is a cousin of Neon Wizard, which broke ground over 15 years ago as the only software program dedicated to the design of neon patterns. Neon Wizard has been successful over the years because it solved the problems specific to the task, and LED Wizard 7 is the same way. You will not find the tools and capabilities of LED Wizard 7 anywhere else.


This means "How good are the layouts?" The exact positioning of each module is critical to the even lighting of the sign face. How many times have you seen channel letters or sign cabinets that were lit unevenly? Designing a good LED layout is not an exercise that should be "eyeballed." LED Wizard 7 is capable of making very precise layouts very quickly.

Density Settings

LED Wizard 7 includes the proper spacing and density guidelines from the LED suppliers to get the correct light output. There are also various density readings and settings, including modules per foot for a selected run and modules per square foot for a letter or selected area. In some cases a job comes with a certain density target that is more or less than the normal guidelines, and these density settings allow you to accurately match that target.

Accurate Layouts

The importance of accuracy in an LED layout cannot be overstated. LED modules are increasingly being designed with certain characteristics that make them suitable for certain applications, such as wide angle of dispersion for shallow cans, super bright for large letters, "mini" modules for small letters, etc. As such, each of these modules has different layout requirements, in terms of the density and the positioning. Some of these characteristics are built into the system for Auto Populate, and others come into play when you are editing the modules using the PowerFlow tools.

Module Positioning

The exact positioning of the modules is important because you need to have even light dispersion with no hot spots or dark spots. LED Wizard 7 uses various guidelines, including the Clearance (space from the module to the return), the Run Gap (space between two modules inside the letter), and the linear spacing from module to module on the wire. The new PowerFlow technology includes guides inside the letter to help with positioning. You can even export Module Positioning Guides so that you can mark your letter backs with your router to ensure proper installation.


The LED channel letter industry could be considered quite young, certainly compared to how long channel letters have been lit by neon. The process for laying out, fabricating, and installing neon signs is pretty well established by now. But the LED industry is new, and the best practices are still being developed. LED Wizard 7 gives the entire industry a clear, standardized path towards developing LED channel letter layout best practices. The task of laying out modules for estimating and production no longer needs to be the domain of the LED suppliers themselves. We'll tell you a secret: the majority use LED Wizard to do it. You can too, with more control and faster turnaround.

Do your Own Layouts

The power is in your hands to create your own LED layouts. And with that power comes control, control over how you lay out the modules, how you do the wiring, where you position the power supplies, etc. Furthermore, if your client has any questions about the layout, then you are knowledgeable about all aspects of it, and you can address the questions directly.

Faster Response Time to Customers

With LED Wizard 7, you can be making your own LED layouts in minutes instead of waiting days. You will not have to take the time to send files to your LED supplier or suppliers, wait 24-48 hours or longer for them to populate them, and then reformat to present to your customer. Futhermore, if your customer has any changes to the job, you can handle them directly instead of getting back in the queue with your supplier. All things equal, if you can turn around your quote faster, you will win more business.

Accurate and Professional Estimates

The first step to getting any channel letter job is generating an accurate estimate to present to your customer. You need to know the exact number of modules and power supplies so that you can correctly bid on the job. Under bidding the job can cost you profitability, and over bidding the job can mean losing it to someone else. LED Wizard 7 creates very accurate and professional looking layouts that can be easily merged with your title block, so that your bid stands out.

More Options

Having LED Wizard 7 in house gives you the ability to present more options to your customer, since you can create and submit multiple LED systems in a consistent format. Perhaps you want to provide a choice for your customer in terms of cost/quality, brightness, or warranty. Again, approaching three LED suppliers to get three estimates is inefficient and removes you from the particulars of the layout.



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