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LED Wizard Frequently Asked Questions


What is LED Wizard?
Who uses LED Wizard?
What brands of LEDs are supported in LED Wizard?
Where can I buy LED Wizard?
What is the company behind LED Wizard?
What are the benefits to my shop for buying LED Wizard?
I already use CorelDRAW/Illustrator/AutoCAD for my LED layouts, why do I need LED Wizard?
How will LED Wizard fit into my existing workflow?
How will LED Wizard help me sell more jobs?
How will LED Wizard help me produce my jobs more efficiently?
How can LED Wizard help me bend my letter returns?
Can LED Wizard create files for my automated channel letter bending machine?
How much does LED Wizard cost?
How does the licensing work with LED Wizard?
Can I download a demo version of LED Wizard for free?
Is there a Trial Version of the software?
What information for quoting does the software generate?
What is the "Supplier Edition" and how do I know if that is the version I need?
What if I need to use an LED brand or module that is not supported in the software?
How do you keep up with all the new LED modules that are introduced by so many LED suppliers?
How do I update the software and/or the LED module and power supply databases?
How much are upgrades and how frequently do they come out?
Is LED Wizard available in other languages besides English?
How much does Support cost for LED Wizard?
How does the software know how to populate a given letter or cabinet with LEDs?
Are there different layout options for a given design?
Does LED Wizard run on a Mac?
What operating systems are supported? Does LED Wizard run on Windows 10?
I get my layouts for free from my sign supply dealer and/or LED supplier, why do I need LED Wizard?
I can estimate the jobs from my experience and some basic "rules of thumb," why do I need LED Wizard?
How does LED Wizard help ensure that I produce exactly what I've quoted on a job?
How do I clean up poor artwork imported into LED Wizard?


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