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Since seeing is believing, here's a list of videos covering some of the major new features of LED Wizard 7.

Click the red play button to view the demo video.

Auto Populate

The Auto Population tools can populate a single letter or an entire line of letters, from very small to very large, as well as sign cabinets of any shape and size.

  Single Run (Centerline) Layouts: Small letters and/or thin strokes
  Variable Stroke Width Font: 2/1, 3/2, 4/2 run layouts for medium sized letters
  Extreme Variable Stroke Widths: 3/1 (and similar) layouts for highly variable stroke width fonts
  Serif Fonts: New Populate Serif feature cleanly handles square serifs
  Parallel Layouts: Horizontal, vertical, and angled parallel runs for large letters   
  “Hybrid” Layout: Parallel runs plus an inline for clean edge coverage on large letters
  Sign Cabinet: Horizontal, vertical, and angled runs perfectly spaced in any size cabinet
  Halo Lit: Modules laid out with very little clearance to the edge of the letter
  Duplicating the layout of identical letters: Create exactly the same layout in just two easy steps

Powerful Editing Tools

The set of PowerFlow editing tools provide a perfect blend of the power of software and the precise control you need to create a perfect layout. When you need to refine the auto populated layout, there is a full suite of powerful tools for quickly and intuitively getting the job done:

  Populate by dragging a path along the guides, clicking for single modules, or use freehand drag
  Populate by dragging your own runs with script letters
  Rotate: Easily rotate long selections incrementally or interactively, 90 degree alternating rotation
  Run Density: Insert or removes modules from a run or selection and watch the modules respace automatically
  Uniform Spacing, Centering, Shifting: Fast ways to ensure even coverage in a stroke
  Connect and Break: Quick and easy ways to reconfigure the wiring
  Fine Tuning: Move modules with auto rotation, insert with a click

Power Supplies

LED Wizard 7 has support for power supplies, as defined by the LED suppliers. Now you can add power supplies to the layout, position them, and load them. You may use as many power supplies as required, use different power supplies in the same job, assign individual runs (rows) to each power supply and add the entire letter in one step. You can also use the same power supply for multiple letters. You're in control.

  Power Supplies: Add and position in layout, load with individual runs or entire letters
  Large Letters: Divide a large letter into multiple regions of modules with their own power supply


Importing has been improved with the ability to crop the file to just what you need for the layout, without first loading the entire file and taking the time to figure out what's needed and what can be discarded for starting on the LED Layout. Exporting now offers a scaled PDF option, which creates a letter/A4 size page.

  File cropping in Import dialog box to remove unnecessary data prior to import
  Full Copy / Paste: Corel Draw copy and paste speeds your workflow



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