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Neon Wizard Benefits

Increased Productivity

Our customers report that they save at least 50% on the design and production of their neon patterns with Neon Wizard compared to the manual processes they were using previously. This increased productivity means that you can move more jobs through the shop and boost your sales.

New Sales Opportunities

Smaller shops that do not bend neon in house can still accept the neon jobs with Neon Wizard, by producing the file and/or pattern and sending it to a wholesale shop for production. Larger shops can get more neon bending business by accepting Neon Wizard files and patterns from these smaller shops.

Easier Sign Maintenance

The maintenance on an old neon sign can be a real hassle for the electric sign company. If a letter or part of the design gets broken, or if something needs to be changed, you can instantly bring up the original Neon Wizard file or pattern. If you have to make some replacement letters, for example, you may only plot those letters as a new pattern if you wish.

Better Customer Presentation

The ability to show your customer what their completed neon sign will look like is a major sales benefit, and being able to produce a proof of the layout/pattern is also very helpful during the design and production process. The Neon Preview feature is perfect for this. So Neon Wizard is not only a design and production tool, but also a sales tool.

Easier Pattern Storage

The storage and retrieval of old neon patterns has always been a problem. With Neon Wizard, you have the paper or non-asbestos pattern, as well as the original file stored on your computer and/or some back-up system. Finding an old job has never been easier, especially with the Job Manager feature.

More Efficient Large Jobs

Everyone knows that it is the large jobs which take up most of a shop's time (and bring in most of the money). Neon Wizard really excels at saving time and money on the large jobs, especially with the Parallel Tube Layout feature for big channel letters and designs. Hours and hours of time can be saved on the tough jobs, with Neon Wizard paying for itself many times over.

Streamline Your Workflow

Neon Wizard will fit with your existing workflow. With Neon Wizard as your pattern design station, you can accept files from a variety of programs in a variety of formats, create the pattern, then export the file to your production program or to another facility. If you use Neon Wizard as your production station as well, then you can complete the whole pattern design and plotting process in one program.

Better Pattern Quality

Neon Wizard produces very accurate, precise patterns with no ambiguity for the bender. The Neon Wizard fonts are high quality signmaking fonts, and can be scaled to very large sizes. The user has exact numeric control over all aspects of the design. This level of quality reduces any errors or misunderstandings due to a sub-par hand drawn pattern.

More Design Flexibility

Making design changes is very easy with Neon Wizard, such as changing a font or the size of a graphic, changing the diameter of the tubes, or switching the type of housing to be used. Nothing is set in stone when you are designing a sign or graphic, but rather everything can be modified through a number of tools and techniques.

Easier Pattern Reproduction

When it comes time to do the same job again or make another copy of a pattern, with Neon Wizard you simply plot another copy. If the pattern burns up during bending, just plot another copy. If you are making multiple signs from the same job, you can plot several copies at once.

Enhanced Design Creativity

Neon Wizard is a creative tool as well as a productivity tool. If you can imagine a design, you can create it in Neon Wizard. The program comes with a number of easy to use tools that will enable you to visualize your design ideas. Using our software will enhance your creativity, not stifle it.

Simpler Scaling of Designs

The scaling of a neon sign from one size to another often used to mean creating a completely separate design, but with Neon Wizard it is very easy to scale. All of the tube lengths are recalculated, the diameter of the tubes remains constant (unless you change them), and all of the housing holes maintain their proper size. It is now easy to create two patterns of different sizes from the same basic design.

Better Pattern Consistency

If you are making a significant volume of the same sign, especially in different shops, it is very important to maintain the consistency across all of the production. If a change is made to the design for some reason, the Neon Wizard file can be distributed to everyone to ensure consistency.  

Industry Standard

Neon Wizard has become the industry standard method for making high quality neon patterns. Designers are familiar with how Neon Wizard works and benders are familiar with the patterns it produces. There's a good chance that a new employee already has experience with Neon Wizard.

Tube Length Readouts

Neon Wizard always displays the tube lengths so you can figure out your costs and your transformer loads. Now you can see the lengths per letter, per tube, per total job - you name it. This capability alone will save you time in a variety of ways.


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